Building the Perfect Photo, One Layer at a Time…

Composite photography and photographic illustrations are created by combining studio and location photography with other graphic elements to create a final image that’s indistinguishable from a single layer photo. This technique allows us to create scenes that would be impossible to create in one shot.

  • Our photographers and digital artists utilize original and sourced photography to make complex photorealistic illustrations.
  • Final images often include many layers, filters, blending masks, special effects, hand painting and digital manipulation.
  • Composites can be fanciful or realistic, depending on project requirements.
  • Composite photography can be more cost-effective than single layer images and yield greater visual impact.
  • Post-production can perfect the photograph by incorporating skies, environments, visual effects and other details that enhance the message.

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  • Photographers, Retouchers and Digital Artists on Staff
  • High-Resolution Files and Professional Results
  • Ability to Work in Different Styles from Realistic to Illustrative
  • Works with Your Images or Stock Library Sources