Our Photographers Make You Look Good…

An attractive, professionally made headshot portrait says a lot about who you are in the business world or how you are regarded in social media. Perception is an important part of corporate communications, and there are great reasons to let your customers see the professional that they’re working with. Graphic Works specializes in making headshots for the metro Atlanta area in different styles from serious to playful. From in-studio to environmental and outdoor portraits, we are versatile and will work with you to get the style you want. We even provide services to photograph all employees for identity badges.

  • Professional headshots are used on corporate web sites and communications.
  • They can be formatted for use on social media, like Facebook and Linked-in.
  • We offer a wide selection of backgrounds based on your preferences.
  • Your headshot can be shot in many styles, from “power portraits” to “edgy/modern” to “lawyer-like/conservative”. We will help you determine your best choice before the portrait session.
  • Our portraits include professional lighting and retouching from minor to make-over.
  • On-site portrait consultation for a choice of the final headshot. You see the results before you leave.

Contact us today to see how we can improve your corporate photographic services.

  • Experienced, Detail-Oriented Photographer.
  • High-Resolution Camera and Professional Lighting.
  • Respectful Attitude That Produces Great Collaborative Headshots.
  • Per-Person or Bulk Pricing Options.