Our Photographers Have Got You Covered…

While cell phone photos seem to be the accepted norm these days, having a professional photographer cover your corporate event can elevate the level of the photos. We can do better than that, and you will agree after comparing the end results! From large group portraits to interactive photo booths or serious reportage photos, our in-house photographer has your meeting covered.

Usually, these events are scheduled in half or full day increments based on the activities of the day. In one case, we arrived early in the morning to take natural light employee portraits, made stealthy photos of an important HR meeting, photographed team members dressed in silly superhero outfits made from their products and finally took several groups portraits of varying sizes. For Graphic Works, it was all just a typical day “out” of the office.

Contact us today to see how we can improve your corporate photographic services.

  • Experienced Photographer Who Can Work in the Fast-Paced World of Event Photography.
  • High-Resolution Camera and Professional Lighting.
  • Online Galleries with Sharing Links and Download Ability.
  • Flexibility With Your Event Schedule.