Photographing Our Subjects in Their Natural Habitat…

Our environmental portraits are created on-site, leveraging an interesting and relevant background to show our subjects in their own habitat. This is done in lieu of a formal studio back drop that might say less about what someone does. With creativity and skill, we can make photos on the factory floor or in the board room. Or we can disguise typically generic backgrounds such as a parking lot outside to suggest another location altogether. The resulting photographs will bring a sense of location and personality to your marketing materials.

  • The resulting photographs can be artistic and creative alternatives to studio style portraits.
  • Ideal for fashion, lifestyle, outdoor and product demonstration imagery.
  • Great for brochure or catalog photography or can be used on web sites, editorial and advertising projects.

Contact us today to see how we can improve your corporate photographic services.

  • Skilled Photographer with Experience Blending Ambient and Manufactured Lightscapes.
  • High-Resolution Camera and Professional Lighting.
  • Respect for the Subject and the Subject Matter.
  • Per-Person or Bulk Portrait Pricing Available.